Eat Your Kimchi is a web show created by Simon and Martina discussing daily life, experiencing new things, going on adventures, and playing games.

2014 Edit

Simon and Martina opened up the Eat Your Kimchi app. People could make new friends, as well as share their love for their favorite idols or groups. The app was closed recently.

  • Fellow Nasties opened up their own account on the Amino App called Eat Your Kimchi, to connect with those they had made friends with on the original app.

They have continued their podcast also called Eat Your Kimchi.

Segments Edit

Martina and Simon have put a hold on KPop Music Mondays, as well as Wonderful Treasure Find.

  • Open the Happy
  • KPop Music Mondays
  • Wonderful Treasure Find
  • Food Adventures For Awesome People
  • Speakers Corner
  • Eat Your Kimchi Podcast
  • Drink Your Potions

Trivia: Edit

  • There have been several appearances on Kpop Music Mondays by Amber, Kevin, and Eric Nam.
  • They've interviewed several bands on the show.
  • Spudgy would sometimes dance at the end of Kpop Music Mondays.

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